Hi, I am Mike

and I like code.

I'm a


My Experience

I have experience with some really cool programming languages.
Here are all of them.

JavaScript (vanilla)
JavaScript (jQuery)
PHP (vanilla)
PHP (Symfony / Twig)
Java (Thymeleaf)
.NET (C#)
.NET (Razor)

About Me

Would you like to know a little about me?
You won't get bored. I promise.

Profile Picture

Hi, I'm Mike, a twenty one years old developer from Papendrecht, The Netherlands.
I graduated from Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam with a degree in Media Development and am currently enrolled
in a bachelors program in Computer Science at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

I've worked for McDonald's, Fourdesign & Circuwear and am currently self-employed.
You can find some of my projects on GitHub or take a peek at my portfolio.

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